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School Update March 25th

26 Mar 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

The Premier of NSW has encouraged families to keep children at home for the remainder of Term 1. However, Heathcote High School remains open for students whose parents are engaged in essential services.

The following arrangements are in place to enable students to learn from home or at school, if required.

Daily Organisation for students at school

  •  Roll call will occur in the quad
  •  Students will be advised each morning in roll call where they will work that day.
  •  Students will proceed from roll to their Year’s designated area – e.g. Year 9 to the Hall.
  •  The areas will be determined by daily numbers and the capacity of each location. Distancing guidelines will be followed.
  • Rolls will be marked each period. Texts for absent students will not be sent during this time
  •  Students are required to bring their own lunch to school as the canteen will be closed.
  • How Heathcote High School will Facilitate Learning from Home
  •  Timetabled lessons will proceed online and this will be the only mode of lesson delivery for all students, whether working from home or at school.
  •  All classes have an online learning platform. This is a Google Classroom for most students. Some classes may also use Microsoft Teams. Students have already been advised if they are accessing learning through Microsoft Teams.
  •  Students are to use this online platform to complete their learning activities and communicate with their teachers.
  •  In-class assessments will NOT be held onsite for the remainder of Term 1. These tasks may proceed in an alternate format and students must ensure they understand the changes. All information about assessment tasks will be communicated by the class teacher via the online learning platform and the HHS app and Facebook.
  •  Learning Support structures will continue, albeit with adaptations. The Support Unit will notify parents of the organised support for their child in the coming days.
  •  Student wellbeing support structures will also be adapted by our Wellbeing Team. This will be communicated as soon as possible.

How students can make the most of Learning from Home

Students should already know their teacher’s Google Classroom code. We are currently compiling a list of all the Google Classrooms and their codes to assist students who have forgotten or do not have their codes. This will be sent to parents/carers via the HHS app and Facebook page as soon as possible.

Students are to:

  •  Organise their physical space at home. Make sure the space for learning is neat and tidy.
  •  Use their timetable to be organised and ready to learn at the timetabled time.
  •  Take the initiative with their learning – it is up to students to make this work as best as possible.
  •  Complete tasks with integrity and academic honesty. Students are to do their best work.
  •  Meet timelines, commitments and due dates. Students are to communicate proactively with their teachers if they cannot meet deadlines or require additional support.

How Parents/Carers can Support Students

  •  Set clear and positive expectations that learning will continue at home.
  •  Please understand that Learning from home cannot look the same as the regular learning process.
  •  Make sure you have access to the school timetable through the Parent Portal. This is to ensure your child/ren are ready to learn at the scheduled time.
  •  Ensure that sleep patterns and morning routines are regular and structured.
  •  Manage your child/rens phone during lesson times. Phones are a distraction and parents are asked to help manage this, by considering steps such as physically placing phones away during timetabled lessons.
  •  Make changes to your home so that there is a clear and organised space for learning.
  •  “How to” guides for Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams will be sent out via the HHS app and Facebook page in the next few days. Please help your child/ren if they are unsure how to log in and access their work.
  • Online Resources from the Department Of Education to Assist with Learning from Home
  •  The Department’s Learning from Home website https://education.nsw.gov.au/teaching-and-learning/curriculum/learning-from-home has many resources. Parents are welcome to access these resources to assist the learning from home.
  • For Students Who Do Attend School
  •  The Premier of NSW has strongly encouraged families to keep children at home. If this is not possible, our site will be open with staff present to supervise students’ online learning.
  •  Social distancing guidelines will be strictly applied. This means students attending school will NOT experience a regular school day.
  •  Playground areas will be limited and students assigned to a particular area.
  •  All student learning will be online. Students are required to bring a laptop to school.
  •  Students must bring their own food. The canteen is closed from tomorrow 25 March.

HHS staff continue to work hard to ensure students have access to quality teaching and learning. This will look quite different to our usual practice and there will be unforeseen challenges that we will all undoubtedly encounter. However, we will endeavour to work through these as soon as possible. Again, we would like to thank all parents for their understanding and cooperation


Heathcote High School