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Frequently asked questions

What is BYOD?

"Bring your own device" (BYOD) refers to students bringing a personally owned electronic device to school for the purpose of enhancing their learning.

After the Commonwealth funded DER program ceased in 2013, several schools adopted a BYOD policy straight away. Our school has deliberately delayed the implementation of a BYOD policy until the necessary infrastructure, such as the free deployment of appropriate software to students, was made available. Since the gradual implementation of the BYOD policy for Years 7 and 8 in 2016, we believe the time is now right to implement a well-considered and practiced BYOD model across all years.

What will be provided by the school?

The school will provide access to a filtered wi-fi internet service. No other support, software or service will be provided by the school.

What year groups will be involved in the BYOD program in 2017?

While  it may  not be possible for all all students to bring a BYOD device to school, all students in Years  7-11 will be encouraged to do so. It is optional for year 12 students to bring their own device in 2017..

Will there be a permission form that needs to be signed before a student brings their own device to school?

Yes. Parents  will need to sign the BYOD agreement before a student can use the device within the school.


Will the device be covered by the school if it gets lost or damaged?

No. Parents  should take out insurance for the device if desired.

Why is the iPad  not on the list of recommended devices?

The iPad  is an ideal device for content consumption, such as video player, web browser or using apps. However, if the device is going to be used efficiently for all tasks in all subjects,  then a device with a separate keyboard is essential. Heathcote High School does not recommend that students use a tablet as their chosen BYOD device.


Will the internet be filtered when the device is at school?

Yes.. As long as the device is connected to the NSW DEC wireless.


Do students need to bring a high-end PC device if they are doing media, design or music?

No. The school will provide PCs  with  subject specific software and have the power to carry out more intensive tasks.


What about student's writing skills? Won't they still need to write for examinations?

Students will still need to maintain a workbook for general learning in the classroom. The majority of major exams are still handwritten.

Are students able to use earbuds or other types of headsets?

Students may use these during class with the permission of the teacher.

Are students able to record teachers or classmates (audio or video) or take photographs?

With the permission of the teacher, students can make recordings or take a photograph. The use of such recordings or photos is restricted to classroom projects only as authorized by the teacher and with signed parental permission if students are included in either the photo or recording.


Some students cannot access the network on their laptops.  Who can help them with this?

Students should refer to the manual they came with their device  for  support.  The teacher is not responsible for providing technical support to the students. as they do not have time or the expertise. They can seek help from local technical support  to help them connect to the WiFi. There are guides available on the  Heathcote High School website to assist in connecting to the WiFi.


Is a teacher required to allow students to have access their devices in the classroom?

No. Although we encourage teachers to allow students to use these devices for learning in all classrooms, there is no requirement of teachers to allow this.


How will teachers prevent students from just messaging their friends or just surfing the Web?

Students should be instructed to put devices away when they are not completing a specific instructional task. Students sign a ‘User Agreement' that specifies that they understand the devices are only to be used for learning, at the teachers instruction. Any breach of this agreement should result in the same disciplinary action as any other act of disobedience.


Does the school provide insurance for damage, loss or theft?

No. We do however recommend taking out insurance to cover these eventualities.


Will students be able to recharge devices during the school day?

Students should not have the expectation that they will be able to charge devices at school. Many school buildings do not have the capacity to handle additional electrical demands for charging personally owned devices.


Will teachers be responsible for troubleshooting and fixing students' devices?

Since there are literally hundreds of devices that could be brought to school as part of the BYOD program, there is no technical assistance provided other than providing the name of the wireless connection. Students will be expected to know how to connect their devices.

Where can I view the NSW DEC's Acceptable Usage for School Students policy?

The policy can be viewed by clicking on the link:


Online Communication Services: Acceptable Usage for School Students