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Student Wellbeing

Tips to help your child cope with being a Teenager!

When kids are bullied

We send our kids off to school each day to learn. In between lessons they go outside to play – but the learning doesn't stop. The playground can help prepare them for some of the social challenges they will face throughout their lifetime.

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Cyber safety

Are you concerned about your child's Cyber Safety? Follow these useful links to find helpful advice and support.

Guide to Facebook (PDF 1123KB)

Cyber Safety

Cyberbullying – what the experts say

While research into cyberbullying is still in its infancy, the one thing we do know is the online environment is really just a new setting for age-old issues. Cyberbullying is an extension of face-to-face bullying. It's all about relationships.

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How teens are really using Facebook

New research says teens are finding Facebook a "burden" - but they don't want to miss out on the latest updates from their friends. It seems like more of them are using Instagram. Find out more at Huffington Post - Teens facebook study

Does multi-tasking reduce focus

Can your kids really study while updating their Facebook page, listening to their music players and messaging their friends? Research shows dedicated study time without distractions produces better learning and a greater ability to retrieve information. Find out more at

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All I want for Xmas is.....

How much TV should your child watch


Sleep problems

Having trouble getting your teen to sleep? Follow these links for handy tips!

Sleep in teens

Teen sleep (PDF 1697 KB)

Friendships to boost your child's learning

If children are happy socially they tend to be more engaged in their learning. So teaching your child about the importance of making friends is as vital as learning their ABCs.

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Avoiding injuries

Have you ever wondered if your child may be suffering physically from using a computer for schoolwork? Or if carrying their school bag may be causing them pain? Experts discuss and give tips on what to watch out for.
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Bouncing back

Does your child bounce back from disappointment, or do they need to learn to be more resilient - and how do you teach them, so they can deal with life's challenges? Watch the video.

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Managing depression

One in four kids over 12 has symptoms of depression. Would you know what to look for and how to help?  Don't be afraid, ask your child how they are feeling and keep communicating with them.

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Financial literacy

Does your child need help with business and economics? Here's info on credit cards, how to be responsible spenders and savers, and make consumer choices.

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Exceptional kids

Would you rather your child have a high I.Q or a never-give- up attitude? Michael Grose looks at the research

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How to parent your tween

Find out how to manage your tween's rapidly expanding list of needs and personal demands. It's that weird and wonderful time the experts say occurs between ages nine and 13, but which experience suggests can stretch out to anywhere between ages eight and 15.

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