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Wellbeing and Learning

Wellbeing and Learning Support Teams at Heathcote High

At Heathcote High School we are dedicated to the needs of every student with our respected and dynamic Wellbeing and Learning Support Teams. Opportunities include school camps in Years 7 and 11, Picnic Days, Year Meetings and Recognition Assemblies, Girls Talk and MMM programs, Wellbeing Days and we have a strong link with St George Youth Services, Project Youth and Headspace who provide valuable resources through staff support and programs.

Over the course of the year each different year group will be participating in compulsory Wellbeing Days at school. These days are designed to build team and group spirit amongst peers, while also focusing on important issues facing today's young adults, such as cyber safety, resilience, anti-bullying, respect and tolerance of others. These days are invaluable to help develop and educate the whole student. When students feel comfortable with each other, safe and respected, we are encouraging tolerant, connected young adults who are more likely to recognise and create opportunities for success.

At HHS we want our students to become well adjusted, tolerant and respectful adults who are ready to face the ever-changing world (with all of its obstacles) as best they can.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts that the greatest burden of disease for our current students, our future generations, will be mental health conditions. Doing what we can to prevent these conditions or reduce the number of students affected while supporting their well-being is imperative.

Year 7 CampĀ 

The Year 7 Camp is held in Term 1. This is with the Outdoor Education Experience at the Gosford Centre. This is one of the highlights of the Year 7 calendar where students form lasting friendships and memories that they will cherish. A package detailing requirements will be sent in mid Term.