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Education & Training

Education & Training


As a parent you maybe thinking what career will they choose? What course suits them best? How can I help them?

University covers a much wider range of subjects than in secondary school and a University Degree could be a prerequisite for many career paths and lifelong professions.

To find out more about what University can offer for your child, follow the link





There is a wide range of study options available to you at TAFE NSW. Taking some time to think about your education and career goals can help you take the next step to finding the right course or pathway of study for you.


There is a wide range of study options available to you at TAFE NSW. Taking some time to think about your education and career goals can help you take the next step to finding the right course or pathway of study for you.

Contact a Careers Counsellor
Help with planning your study pathway and career



Information on Private Colleges in Australia and the courses they offer

Link: https://privatecollegesaustralia.com.au/

Job Jump

Link: https://jobjump.com.au/ 

People you know or will meet in your life aren’t in the same job or occupation that they started out in. Over time, most people move towards their interests, hobbies and pastimes and look to make a career out of them. 

This is a good place to start. 

Think about all the things you like to do, all the experiences you’ve had that you enjoyed and use the links and websites below to see what matches up for you. 

Remember the journey is just as important as the destination and many of the things you learn and experience across your career will be helpful in other occupations so embrace lifelong learning, always say yes to training courses, stay positive, look for opportunities and above all, be open to change in this technologically advancing world.

No matter what you decide on doing, there will be a pathway for you. The resources listed on this website will give you every bit of information, every contact, every course and every bit of inspiration you need to start moving forward on your career pathway!


7 minute Job jump video: 

When you register on JobJump you will receive the News on the Careers your son/daughter likes sent to your home email address.

To register with JobJump, go to the front screen of the website at jobjump 

STEP 1 Enter into the first white box the first letters of our school's name and when the full name appears in blue just below, click on your school name and it will enter automatically into the first white box. 

STEP 2 In the second white box, enter your email address and then click the Login button. 

STEP 3 A new screen will appear which asks you to type in lower case letters our school's password: dragon 

There are a few more quick questions and then you are underway to access the site and utilise all of the features listed below. When Careers news does occur related to your son/daughter's interests, it will be emailed to you all the way through their high school years plus an extra year after their Year 12.

You can select as many careers as you like from the listing of 110 careers. If your son/daughter changes their mind, you can alter the choices using the top right hand side white torso.

If you can't find the career they like from the list, select a career which is in the field they like. For example, they may like the field of Tourism because they like travelling and the idea of having a career in the Tourism industry is not a bad idea. In the listing select 'Travel Agent' because all Tourism careers news will come to you. 

Once you have registered, you can also use all parts of the website including: 

 Year 10 subject selection advice across 110 careers.

 Writing letters, resumes, what to say to an employer, where    to find your future employer.

 A comprehensive digital ATAR and University Course sorter that works hand in hand with the UAC  Handbook making life now a breeze for you to search for your chosen courses.

JobJump finds the relevant TAFE courses

 Job vacancies based on your area location.

 University scholarships and their direct links

 Bonus points, Overseas Exchange, Accommodation across Universities in NSW and their direct links.

 Earnings across 300 careers.

 EAS information.

 Find my Career quizzes.

 Hobby projects across 110 careers to inspire and engage students in their career.

 Interactive yearly calendar across all news items which can be personalised to your careers of interest.

 Universities Open Days listing and links.

 Videos across 110 careers.

 Gap Year and Volunteering opportunities.

 Alternative entry to University sorter and links across NSW Universities.

 Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) for Universities - UAC

 Interstate University admissions centres' links.

 How to obtain your own son/daughter's independent work experience.