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Some useful homework resources to help your child study successfully.

Study Buddies - Homework Club

We offer students a FREE chance to improve their grades through our Study Buddies program run by a member of our teaching staff on Wednesday afternoons from 3pm to 4pm in the school library. Sessions aim to help students with any area of study with which they need help.          This includes:

  • Working through homework
  • Completing assignments
  • Preparing study notes and summaries
  • Examination preparation

Study Buddies is ideal for:

  • Year 7 students who need help managing new subjects and homework
  • Senior students who need a quiet place to study
  • Any student who needs extra help with their homework or assignments

Students do not need to book in! Simply come to the library at 3pm on Wednesday and help will be available.

Useful homework links

Assignment starters for the arts

Videos are great resources for getting kids enthused about their assignments. These pages on cubism, percussion and critical studies provide key points to help them get started and links to useful sites to assist with further research.

Find out more at School a to z - assignment starters for the arts

Essay planning

Kids often rushheadlong intoessay writing tasks without thinking through what is required. Effective essay planning can involve brainstorming, mind-mapping, and organising notes depending on the question and type of response required. These factsheets explain everything.

Find out more at School a to z - essay planning

When older kids struggle with reading

Should you let your reluctant teen reader choose magazines over books? If your child is still struggling to read and write, and they're heading into high school, there are ways to get them on the right page.

Find out more at School a to z - when older kids struggle with reading

Solving equations

Struggling to remember what algebra was all about and need to help your kids with their homework?

Download this study sheet for examples School a to z - algebra

Good number sense

Maths is a numbers game but for some students - and parents - the figures don't add up. Here are some strategies to help kids to work out sums in their heads in a way that makes sense to them.

Find out more School a to z - mental strategy

A crash course in poetry appreciation

Understanding why an author uses certain words or structures in their poetry can help your teenager enjoy the English subject and give greater depth to their writing and language skills.

Find out more at School a to z - a crash course in poetry appreciation for your high schooler

Succeeding in science

Encouraging your teen to ask questions and helping them find the answers is top of the list in helping them to succeed in science.

Find out more at School a to z - helping your teenager succeed in science

Facts about tutors

Private tutoring to give kids a helping hand in their schooling is a growing business. However, it's also an area where parents can be vulnerable to bogus offers and misleading advertising.

Find out more at School a to z - facts about tutors

Technology-savvy girls

We know our girls are just as techno-savvy as boys - so why do you think they're not pursuing careers in technology? Read how Silicon Valley is opening the gate for girls and making them consider technology studies.

Access the article at NY Times - opening a gateway for girls to enter the computer field

Help with ratios

Homework is full of tricky maths questions. Brush up on some of the maths terms your child uses in the classroom. This glossary gives straightforward explanations and illustrated examples.

Find out more at School a to z - maths a to z

Weekly scheduling

Learning how to make time for homework, study, chores, part-time jobs and so on is a vital skill for all kids, but it's one that we need to teach them by example.  It's just a Word document, but you can now create your own weekly schedules to whip your family into shape.

Find out more at School a to z - weekly schedule template

Understanding poetry

Analysing a poem helps children to appreciate its meaning and the skillsof the poet. There are often two levels of meaning to think about: one that is literal, and one that is more abstract.

Find out more by downloading the department of eductations poetry factsheet understanding poetry.

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