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For the last three years, Heathcote High School students have participated in the Wakakirri Secondary School Challenge in place of the cancelled Rock Eisteddfod Challenge. This has presented a new opportunity for our students because Wakakirri involves the use of live singing, dancing, acting, props, lighting designs and image projections. The stories we have told have included the awareness of Alzheimers through the act of reliving old memories, and promoting the differences of others through the metaphor of birds in a cage. The high energy of our routines combined with effective storylines, bright costumes and an amazing  soundtrack have resulted in Heathcote High School being nominated for, and winning, numerous awards for our performances.

These include:

  • A highly commended award for Outstanding Choreography
  • A highly commended award for Best Artwork used on Flats
  • Best Overall Costume Design
  • Most well-rehearsed performance
  • Teamwork award
  • Best use of solo singing
  • Best concept


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As well as having a great time performing and participating, Wakakirri also presents opportunities for students of all ages and abilities to learn teamwork and cooperation skills in a fun and enthusiastic environment. For many of Heathcote's students, having the opportunity to perform at the NIDA Theatre in Kensington which has played host to some of the world's biggest stars, is a chance of a lifetime. Students at Heathcote also have many opportunities within the school to perform, such as participation in the 'Designers on Parade' Fashion Show, Open Night and Talent night.